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  • DSTB8 – CCL – S7

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 7 STAGE 7REFERRALS

  • DSTB7 – CCL – S6

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 6 STAGE 6UPSELL . 3 Types of Upsells. . In-Cart Upsells. Think Amazon . One-Click Upsells. When done correctly, you can expect a 30%+ conversion rate. . Post-Purchase Upsells. via email, sms, etc to offer additional things. Examples ADD-ONWould you like fries with that? Education -> Done for you. Upgrade.Basic…

  • DSTB6 – CCL – S5

    Complete Customer Lifecylce – Stage 5 STAGE 5FULFILLMENT & REPORTING . automate everything possible. . keep the experience personalized. . create a personal connection with your company. Kontext zu:Stage 5 – Fulfillment & Reporting

  • DSTB5 – CCL – S4

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 4 STAGE 4CLOSE SALES . close Sales either online or offline.

  • DSTB4 – CCL – S3

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 3 STAGE 3CONVERSION “Conversion marketing aims to increase the conversion rate (or the number of website visitors who become paying customers or perform another desired action).” – Conversion Marketing: 5 Conversion Marketing Tactics – 2022 – MasterClass “Conversion marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on increasing the percentage of…

  • DSTB3 – CCL – S2

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 2 STAGE 2INDOCTRINATION . The #1 Missing Puzzle piece. . You must get prospects to Know, Like and Trust you. . Do not make it too long. . Do not make it too salesy. . Use it to establish Expertise, Authority and Trust. TO DOs Build and manage effective Google…

  • DSTB2 – CCL – S1

    Complete Customer Lifecycle – Stage 1 STAGE 1LEAD GENERATION KEEP YOUR PROSPECT ON YOUR PAGE. Lead him through additional information. Ask for more information. In exchange for something. (Vorsicht! Sogenannte “Freebies” sind verboten, wenn man ein digitales Produkt gegen persönliche Daten tauscht, ist das ein Handel, und somit nicht “for free”. Lies hier mehr dazu:…